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Video: Panama - Black Marlin Going Nuts at Hannibal Bank!

"Panama paradise"

Watch Propiedad de Paradise Lodge Isla Paridas client Sean York fight, catch, and release a 450# plus Black Marlin at Hannibal Bank March of 2013 on our boat.... . .


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Embeded YouTube: MY Daughters introduction to NITRO CITY SPORT RESSORT

Extreme sports icon Travis Pastrana introduces Nitro City which is an action sports resort located in Chame Bay Peninsula, Panama Having a little relax time with family By My daughter Ashley ;) . . .


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Embeded YouTube: David, Panama Sunday Drag Races

I'm not sure if this happens every Sunday, but just a few blocks away from my house a bunch of people gather for some street racing. I had really hoped there would be some motorcycles racing yesterday when I went to check it out. I would have liked to see how the KLR did against some other bikes. But no such luck as it was just quads, and


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American Football Coaches Needed in David

Looking for American Football Coaches or fans with a good knowledge base in football to volunteer their time in helping Chiriqui kick off an inaugural 4 team major league (18+ years) season. The season will start around July 9th with a Chiriqui area try-out followed by a draft or team selection process to be held around July 15th by all the
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Article: Sports Activities in Panama

The fine weather and the varied geography allowed Panamanians to grow fondly with a different number of sports. Panamanians generally love sports and prove it by excelling in them in the American region. These sports include traditional American favorites like basketball and baseball, but there is also a growing focus on other sports like football
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Article: Basic Kayaking Information About Panama

If you are into kayaking, you will find that Panama is a good country to be in for this type of adventure. Panama's kayak river runs are considered to be some of the best the world has to offer, with the idea of kayaking along the Panama Canal making it even more exciting to go kayaking in this country.

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Panama Golf

Having recently retired I will be able to spend more time in Panama City. I have seen the courses out at Coronado and they look great but was wondering about courses closer to the city. Any recommendations?
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Post: Chame Bay Begins

Sports and kite boarding center is located about an hour away from Panama City, on the Pacific coast. We will start
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Panama Mission Trip 2008: Part 2-Llano de la Palma

Part 2 of 3 in our mission trip to Panama videos. This video captures our work in Llano de la Palma, Panama. We did sports, arts, crafts, and videos with people there. Music: Por Siempre
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Tranquilo Bay Adventure - Beaches in Bocas del Toro Panama

This video highlights some of the different beaches we visit from Tranquilo Bay here in the archipelago of Bocas del Toro
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