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Custom made furniture

Hello, We are looking to make some custom furniture in bamboo and some in wood and need contact information of a good furniture maker in the Boca Chica or David area. We are also looking to buy Bali type beach furniture or good quality (upscale) furniture. if any one know a place in Panama city we would like the contact info. Thanks
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Video: 2013 Air Show Enrique Malek Airport David, Chiriqui Panama Skip Stuart Bi

"panama expat"

A fantastic stunt flying exibition with Skip Stuart, and Kirby Chambliss part 2.. . .


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Need update on Panamerican Hwy closures today 3/14

I was wondering if the Panamerican Hwy in Chiriqui is open today. Does anyone know?
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Volunteering my time


Looking for a worthwhile cause that I could give my time and experience to. I am leadership/management trainer and would be more than happy to offer my experience to companies who need training for their employees.

In addition, I train customer service and motivation.


Kathy Mellish

International Corporate Training &

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Lost Siamese cat


If anyone has lost a beautiful teenage Siamese cat in the Bella Vista area, please call me.

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Self Storage in David Chiriqui


If you need storage space.

Now David, is Almacenajes SA, the biggest self storage network in Panama, we hold from 45.00 per month.

We are located on Vía Interamericana after the Coquito gas station at 750 m the Chiriqui Mall.

Offers You:

+ Drive up, covered access

+ Freight elevator & forklift

+ 24 Hr. Surveillance


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real estate

I'm planning on relocating to Chiriqui area soon. What I do not find on the web is real estate that is not a condo, gated community, or holiday home. I'm not looking to build and can't afford the "American Communities". Very frustrating.


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Post: Prolonged Drought Threatens Power Supply in Panama

Panama City, Panama with Paitilla skyline in the background. Panama was ready to receive a fresh supply of rain by mid ...Panama has broken the record for consumption of electricity. A unprecedented boom in the construction industry in addition to the drought ...Panama does not contain this high demand, then it will be necessary to cut the energy
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Preliminary Results of the Panama 2010 Census

Panama Q magazine 2010 population Preliminary information issued on May 22 by the ?Contraloría General? indicates that there are 3, 186, 162 inhabitants ...Panama as of May 16th, 2010. This preliminary figure is well below the projection of 3.5 million. A few days later ...Panama census took place in 2000 and revealed a total population of 2, 839,
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YouTube: Chiriqui Panama Real Estate- It has been said that there is a magical quality to the Chiriqui highlands. A misty land of eternal spring where bright flowers grow at the roadside, the tgraveller is rewarded with surreal images of
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