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Video: New Year's Eve, David, Panama 2012

"panama expat"

This is a taste of New Year's Eve 2012 in our neighborhood in David, Chiriqui, Panama. It was so much fun! Everyone was out having a good time. ++ Check my blog post for more info on our evening and holiday traditions in


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Embeded YouTube: Price Smart David

++ - Price Smart David is used by expats & Panamanians for bulk shopping mostly. It functions by membership. You obtain a card, and you must produce it when you enter, or you are not allowed to shop. You can buy from cots to cameras and coke to


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Swimming in David

Is there a public pool I can use while visiting David on a Visa Run? Thanks for any assistance you can
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I am a single who wishes to relocate to Panama, the David city area. I am interested in meeting a lady from Panama, and wonder if they are receptive to expats from the states.
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Airlines from David


Does anyone know what airlines flies from David to Panama

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rental needed in David

I¨m looking for help in finding a place to live. I´m staying with friends, but need an apartment to rent in David or between David and Boquete, not too far out of town. My budget is for around $450, looking for month to month, furnished and with internet service. If you know of a place, please email me at [deleted]

thanks so

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Hi Looking for used treadmill in decent condition. Anyone have onr they are not using and would like to sell?

Thanks Kathy

I am in

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Spanish Schools


I live in Dolego in the Belle Vista area. I am looking for a Spanish class. I do not wish one on one, but would prefer a class of like who want to learn Spanish.

Does anyone know of one?


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Shipping to Panama


Is there one place I can go to to see what I can and cannot ship to Panama from Dubai, UAE. For instance, can I ship cigarettes, wine, prescriptions? My mover here in Dubai is telling me that I cannot ship the above items. I have shipped wine and cigarettes from Iraq and Dubai to my home in the States with no problem.

Does anyone

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La Barqueta; Small Town Panamanian Beach Life

How is the beach life in La Barqueta? International Living sent out an email about how great it is with a wonderful photo. Is it really cheap and breezy?

What are the downsides to living there? How is the safety? Accessibility? Any decent restaurants or do you have to eat rice and beans everyday? What about living there without a car? How is

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