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Panamanian Beach Gem Coronado Offers a Great Location, Low Costs for Expats

Thirty years ago, Coronado, Panama was a sleepy, unknown beach town where wealthy Panamanians had their second homes

Now, I bet then it was low cost and a nice place to live.

you don't like being around wealthier Panamanians on a weekend getaway or North American retirees.

The former is


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Panama's Most Popular Expat Haven

I really perfer the places that are off the beaten track. The unpopular places, so to speak. But if you are looking to hang with the expats... this list of populator places in Panama may be your key to a great expat social life.

Enjoy and let me know what you think is the best place in


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Where to from here ?

Type 1 IDDM , insulin dependent diabetes since high school so I retired early with little money . I have a home and acreage , so I have a legacy for two daughters and 1 ( so far ) grandson . He is a teen so I am no where near the center of his world . Both girls are good on their on , time again for ME ! Looking for warmer weather and an active as
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Info on moving to Boquete

I currently live in the desert climate of Tucson, Az. I'm very interested in retiring in Boquete in the next 6 months. I use to have ashma, and would like to know what the usual humidity level is in Boquete. I understand David is much lower in elevation, and probably has a higher humidity level.

Also I'm wondering on the cost of living with

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U S medicare recipients

I am new to this site. i plan on moving to Panama in next 6 months. I know medicare part D does not work there, but i am a double lung transplant recipient and need to get serious medicines for suppressing the immune system. I can make arrangements with my pharmacy in NY to ship to me, therefore I will have to continue medicare. I will probably
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Video: Panama: Take A Permanent Vacation | EX-PATS Ep. 6 Full | Reserve Channel

"panama expat"

Savannah Jane Buffettvisits Panama City to meet KC Hardin, a 39-year-old American who went from being a corporate lawyer to a you.... . .


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Video: Negro: Finding Identity- Alex

"panama expat"

U.S. expat, Alex talks about living and finding his roots in Panama amid colorism, racism and discrimination in Panama. He expounds on the subtle but harmful ways racism manifests and its influence on how people view Latinos of African


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Video: Life In Panama Loud Parties & Obnoxious Neighbors

"panama expat"

Well, if your living in Panama a fact of life you need to deal with is loud parties all throught the night. It is especially so on a holiday weekend. The general celebrate & party attitude can be a blessing & an nuissance at the same time. Case in point, the Cholondron neighbors next door cranking their stereo loud enough where I


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I am interested in moving to Panama as one of my top three choices.

My name is Sandy boy er. I am planning on moving to either Central or South American within the next year. I am interested in moving to Panama as one of my top three choices. I would like to know areas that are a mixture of expats from USA, Canada and Europe and also locals too. I want to learn the culture, the language and the arts here. I am
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Beef Jerky for sale

I currently live in El Cangrejo area in Panama city and manufacture beef jerky. I have 3 recipes a sweet and hot, regular, and also a peppered. My wife currently does this in Bocas Del Toro also. So if you are interested just email and I can give you the info on ordering it or answer any questions you might have. All is vaccum sealed and will keep
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