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Article: Panama Jazz Festival 2011

It will happen in still about a month from now, but many people are already anticipating the upcoming Panama Jazz Festival, which will be held from January 10-15, 2011. Now on its 8th year, the Panama Jazz Festivals hopes to engage the local and international community in the spirit of Panamanian jazz, highlighting the works of popular Panamanians
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Article: The Carnival in Panama

You don't have to go all the way to Rio de Janeiro to experience the Carnival. Panama itself has a Carnival celebration that is considered to be the mother of all festivals in this Central American country. Since the early 1900's, Panama's Carnival is celebrated during the days leading to Ash Wednesday, during which the entire country resolves to
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Join other xpats in a focus forum at Four Points, on February 26th

Hi everyone,

I wanted to invite you to participate in a focus group, the topic is comunications in Panama, and we just need you to share your views and thoughts upon mobile services within Panama, with other expats who are actually going to be there as well.

Join us this saturday 26th, at Four Points Sheraton, Marbella. Participants will

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Panama on Tour

Panama at the Smithsonian program was launched in April 2009 with a concert by grammy-winning Jazz musician Danilo Perez.  In addition highlights Panama?s social and natural history, political and cultural development, scientific discovery and history and their impact on the United ...Panama Getting Wired September 26, 2009
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Article: November Partying in Panama

Halloween is coming up and it's bound to be a festive day among Panamanians when it arrives. When you notice the many children going around in costumes, attending Halloween parties, you will realize that this is very much different compared to a few decades ago, when the celebration of Halloween is generally frowned upon by the locals for they
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Article: One millionth ship passes through Panama Canal

Three years before the Panama Canal celebrates its 100 years of opening, it registered the one millionth ship that crossed it, according to officials. The ship, called "Fortune Plum, " is a Chinese freighter ship that crossed it upon crossing from the Pacific to the Atlantic, according to an official of the Panama Canal Authority.

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Article: Ocean-to-Ocean Race Through the Canal

Prior to the creation of the Panama Canal, ocean navigators would always have to go around the tip of South America just to get to the other side of the American continent. They always do this when they need to go to Asia because if their destination is just located on the other side of the continent, then they are actually better off traveling
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Edison's motion picture camera and Panama Canal

On August 24, 1891, Thomas Edison patented the motion picture camera. Eighteen years later, on August 24, 1909, workers started pouring concrete for the Panama Canal. The digital item featured below commemorates both of these historic events, because this 1927 documentary, The story of the Panama Canal, was filmed using Edisons motion picture
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MTV Spring Break Panama City 2010 w/ Nick Brown

Hosting Spring Break Events in Panama city FL..I mean seriously.. what other Real Worlder with you rather Party with?
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Travel to the Panama Canal with Elite Travel & Events Inc.

Travel to the Panama Canal with Elite Travel & Events
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