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Tax Free area in Colon

I keep hearing about the Tax Free area where lots of companies have their material stored for shipping.

I visit Panama often, and I was wondering if I am, as a tourist, allowed to go there? Can you buy items without tax? Is it a savings?

I know duty free prices are not as good as 'sale' prices, I don't believe the booze is really duty free,

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License Plates


Would anyone happen to know approx. how much the fee is for getting a new license plate when you buy a new

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Post: Trump Ocean Club in Punta Pacifica Panama to be Delivered in 2010

Prices for pre-payment and increased the size of the apartments.  New buyers were also offered 10% to 15% discount as it ...prices between $4, 000 to $9, 000 per square meter.  The original cost of the building as a whole was $400 million but ...Panama collapsed around that time including Ice Tower and Palacio de la Bahia.  Even in this sea of
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Panama Uniting The Continent For Electrical Interconnection From Mexico To Colom

Panama serves as the bridge connecting the American continent. It is an electrical interconnectivity project which requires significant investment but is ...Panama in connecting electrically with Colombia stem from the fact that Colombia has an installed capacity of close to 14, 000 megawatts ...Panama needs. It being a win win situation it is to
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Post: U.S. Second Home Sales Increase; Panama's Lifestyle and Economical Benefit

Prices they find as much as the natural and cultural attractions. Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica, Belize, southern Mexico, Croatia, and Turkey ...Panama has the added advantage of being a relatively short plane ride from the U.S. Another recent article, this one written ...Panama is among the most affordable and appealing options. Ben Loomis,
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Video: Lumiere Condominio - Costa del Este - Panama

Condominium apartments project under construction in Costa del Este, Panama. Located at walking distance from the best corporate office park in Panama. Prices starting at $1500 per square meter ($140/sf). Quality throughout. Scheduled for completion by second half of 2011. Contact
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Panama Real Estate For Sale | MEGAPOLIS (2010) Panama City, Panama

Panama Real Estate For Sale (Listing - ) This for sale real estate in Panama City, Panama in the MEGAPOLIS Luxury Condo Hotel is one of Panama's hottest real estate projects. Located in Panama City it is already an architectural landmark amidst the booming cosmopolitan city with 63 stories featuring only the finest
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Special Report: Panama Prices Dropping

Special Report: Panama Prices Dropping

Exclusive statistics to The Panama Report show real estate listing prices in Panama decreasing for first time since boom. Panama City prices mingle with those in Miami, beaches and mountains not immune to drop. Cause for concern to developers and investors or natural correction healthy for Panama in long

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YouTube: retire in Panama Aguadulce-

Great retirement destination to look into. People are extremely friendly and prices are fantastic!
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Cost of Living in Panam

This can be the beginning question or it can be the ending question when people think of moving here, relocating here or even just visiting this beautiful country. There is a range depending on whether you live in Panama City in a high-rise condo, or you prefer the sanctitude and beauty of the mountains or Pacific Ocean side. For our sage, we are
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