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Video: Chiriqui Tierras Altas Panama

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 at 13:20

Imagenes de la region de tierras altas en la provincia panameña de chiriqui fronteriza con Costa Rica. Vistas de sus pueblos (Boquete, Volcan y Cerro Punta), sus microclimas, su principal economia, la agricultura y el cafe de alta calidad.....Views of the chiriqui highland territories, in Panama, its towns, its micro weathers, in a tropical country til sub paramo on the top of its mountains and mild and temperate weather in its highland towns with an altitude within 3280 feets (1000 meters) to 6561 feets (2000 meters), its farming towns, that are also high quality coffee producing such as geisha coffee and its town full of local color. Also is a Scientific Investigation Center to see Fauna and Flora Life in the Micro weathers inside of PILA La Amistad International Park

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